Leaked Pics

We all know Rihanna is a dirty girl and she proved it for real when these rauncy nudes got leaked.  I wonder who was the lucky dude that received them?

Not to mention Rihanna also has an alleged sex tape that hit the Internet - you definitely don't want to miss that footage!

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  • Check out all of the leaked nudes of Rihanna when her cell phone was hacked!

The Leaked Rihanna Sex Tape

Rihanna Sex Tape With J Cole

2011 was a bustling year for Rihanna as far as rumors are concerned. In August, porn magazine Hustler issued an announcement that they had a video featuring Rihanna and rapper J. Cole who was the opening act on her Loud! Tour. She had likewise made a cameo in his music video, "Can't Get ...
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Rihanna's Sun Tan Lines On Her Nice Ass Exposed

God dammit, Rihanna! Why do you have to be so fucking hot all the time?! This lady is continually posting the most seductive and revealing photos online. Whether she's modeling for a shoot or posting a picture of herself, this babe is always down to show some mega brown skin. And we love her...
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Justin Beiber Covers Riri's New Song And Nude Photos Of Riri Uncovered

Damn, doesn't Rihanna lookin' smoking in these nude photos of her?! Even though we can't see the nipples because of some weird tape covering it, you can still see her perfect natural boobs all around. Can this woman get any hotter?! We always say no, but somehow she does. She just ha...
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Fenty Beauty Makeup Line Is About To Launch - Rihanna Is Thrilled

Rihanna is set to launch Fenty Beauty Makeup Line and she seems absolutely thrilled about it! Now not only is she a singer and a designer, the beauty queen is also a makeup mogul. Her adoring fanz have been patiently waiting for the date of the launch because they love Riri's glowing look an...
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Details About Drake And Rihanna's Love, Plus Photos Of Riri's Tits

Romance rumors have been firing up ever since Rihanna and Drake started hanging out and performing together again. They have been spending a lot of quality time together, some close sources of them confirmed. Some say it's just because they have been collaborating in the music studio, but ot...
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Rihanna Showcasing Her Sexy Nipples

If there is one thing Rihanna is good at besides singing, it's her ability to shock the world with her beauty and unique style. As you can see below, Rihanna is showcased her nipples in this see-through fishnet black shirt at a huge celeb event. Her teardrop titties looked outstanding and sh...
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The Best Twerking Moments of That Booty

Today we bring you the hottest Rihanna twerking clips.   Watch that hot brown booty bounce like it would on a dick... who doesn't love doggystyle?  Rihanna sure seems to.  If this doesn't make your dick hard (or pussy moist?) there is something wrong with you!!!
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Rihanna Has The Sexiest Legs Period And Here Are Pics To Prove It!

Rihanna has been in the news lately for canceling her performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on November 3rd and all of her fanz were heart broken! She wrote a note to the show apologizing for missing the huge annual event. We know Rihanna would have killed it at the show! Rihanna is de...
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Why Did Rihanna Pull Out Of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

Rihanna sadly had to be pulled out of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show at the last minute and Selena Gomez ended up taking her place. There were rumors she pulled about because her close friend and model Jourdan also pulled out of the event. There was speculation that Kendall Jenner (Kim Kardash...
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