Drake and Rihanna Done For Good

It is quite likely that Rihanna and Drake's second chance in the relationship has ended once and for all. It is reported that Drake is currently dating Zoe Kravitz and that Rihanna has also a brand new boyfriend. She is rumored to date famous American rapper A$ap Rocky.

Their very short living romance has finally come to end since there have been rumour going in Hollywood for over 5 months that he is in fact acting daughter of Lenny Kravitz, while RiRi was being single for a while.

But, now Rihanna has traded up with her beau, which is A$ap Rocky, 24 year old rapper. We can only safely assume that this relationship is a big upgrade from the one with Chris Brown.
Two of them have recently been seen at Soho, on a date. Also, a reliable new source has spoke to NY Post about it and stated that they were hanging in the party and played in the pool.

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