Rihanna Has The Sexiest Legs Period And Here Are Pics To Prove It!

Rihanna has been in the news lately for canceling her performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on November 3rd and all of her fanz were heart broken! She wrote a note to the show apologizing for missing the huge annual event. We know Rihanna would have killed it at the show! Rihanna is definitely VS angel material - she has the heighth, gorgeous bone structure, tight body - plus, we cannot forget her beautiful long stems that go for days and days.

Riri's legs are damn sexy!! She's always showing them off with cut off shorts, skin tight clothes, short mini skirts, dresses with slits and so on. That's why we wanted to dedicate a post to those beautiful babies. They deserve to be worshipped and praised. There has recently been an article shared on reddit of the sexiest legs in Hollywood and we think Rihanna takes the cake for the best ones period! Take a look at the pictures below and see for yourself, I doubt you will disagree.

In other news, queen Riri has been in the news lately for launching her own styling and beauty agency, her spokeswoman confirmed. This is a perfect avenue for Rihanna to take since she is always making headlines in the fashion industry - there is no way she can fail! This will take her success to another level and everyone is excited to see what happens next.

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