Rihanna Lives Her Life For God

Rihanna is a 25 year old chart topping Barbadian singer who trusts in the lord. She has dealt with the down side of her fame though her faith in God. 
The singer who is the cover girl of the British glamour further explains the way in which God has inspired her. The inspiration has assisted her to recover her courageous attitude after she was questioned on how she would stop the fear of fame. 

The fans of Rihanna has benefited since they have given them a glimpse of the spiritual beliefs. The singer has done this through sharing of scriptures in the bible. In addition, she gets affirmation from Joyce Meyer teachings as well as the affinity from the Christian author. 

What has encouraged the singer is that she has been an admitted fun of Joyce. Nevertheless, she was sending a message on twitter to the speaker who was a Christian last year. 
Bishop Vibert Lowe, who is the spiritual counselor of Rihanna in Barbados, has previously called upon the singer to go back to the church after her reunion with Chris brown. This has resulted in a high profile and defunct partying ways. 

The person who commented that Rihanna needs to go back to church is Lowe. Her main objective of leaving her country was to pursue superstardom. On the other hand, Rihanna has insisted that she has surrendered live to God. 

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