Rihanna Sex Tape With J Cole

rihanna sex tape screen capture

2011 was a bustling year for Rihanna as far as rumors are concerned. In August, porn magazine Hustler issued an announcement that they had a video featuring Rihanna and rapper J. Cole who was the opening act on her Loud! Tour. She had likewise made a cameo in his music video, "Can't Get Enough." A Hustler rep said, "Hustler is in control of the Rihanna and J. Cole tape. We have seen it and we don't actually know what we are going to do with it yet." They would not uncover any further details. Media Takeout reported that the sex video was found on J. Cole's lost cellphone. J. Cole might have lost his phone. In a meeting, J. Cole was really ready to have a comical inclination about the entire thing while he and Rihanna both took to Twitter to tell everybody what they thought about the sex tape rumors.

However, Rihanna quickly took to her Twitter page denying and insisting that there was no footage that existed between her and previous tour mate. (yeah right!) For a few, finding a Rihanna sex tape is similar to finding gold - it takes a while to get the real thing!  Since Rihanna's whole career is somewhat like a sex tape, there's a lot of videos and pictures of the singer for all intents and purposes stripped, so it's not hard to believe Rihanna would film herself having sex much like Kim K did in 2008. Rihanna loves to show off her naked body, so seeing her have sex on tape would be TOTALLY SWEET!

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